Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pool repair can refer to dealing with cracks in the pool walls, tears in the lining,  poor filter and pump systems. Most of these problems require hiring a professional pool service. Some pool repair can be expensive repairs. While most repair cost under $1000. Understanding what you're getting yourself into, will enable you to make an informed decision. Sometimes it's not about repairing your swimming pool but replacing  old equipment for of your pool. May adding newer equipment to make your pool work better

Tucson Pool Services are familiar with most major brands of equipment: Pentair, Sta-Rite, Hayward, etc. Whether it’s your pump, filter (sand, cartridge, or Diatomaceous Earth), chlorinator, pool vacuum (sweep/cleaner), or backwash system we can get you swimming in no time again. We also do sand changes and chlorine or acid washes and fix plumbing leaks and problemsA pool cleaning which includes sand changes is something we frequently do. As a sand filter collects dirt, its efficiency increases, trapping more dirt, if it gets clogged and needs maintenance it will need a Tucson pool cleaning company to fix, such as us, Tucson Pool Services. When your pressure gauge shows a reading 8 - 10 lbs. over the clean, start-up reading, it is time to backwash the captured dirt out of the filter. If this is not done routinely, a pool cleaning can end up a pool repair. So choose us as your Tucson pool cleaning company for servicing your sand changes.

We can provide you the very best in automatic swimming pool cleaners at Tucson Pool Services. Choose from a wide selection of top brand and top quality automatic pool cleaners for above ground swimming pools and in ground swimming pools from Hayward, Polaris, Baracuda, Pentair, Aqua Products and Dolphin by Maytronics.

 All of these cleaners for in ground and above ground swimming pools are high quality and high performing products – making your swimming pool maintenance easier. And Tucson Pool Services packages include a reduced cost for a pool with a working cleaner! We provide you with an affordable, quality pool cleaner at discount prices and no additional shipping and handling charges.

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